Welcome to Leadership Citrus

Leadership Citrus is an annual program designed to enhance the leadership potential of individuals living in Citrus County, Florida, USA, who are in business, professional and community service activities.

Through an intense program of lectures and structured activities, participants will become familiar with current issues, community resources and other factors influencing the quality of life and direction of Citrus County's future.

Founded in 1991, Leadership Citrus is a highly successful community leadership program which brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences from both the public and private sectors. The Leadership Citrus program is designed for those who have demonstrated the talent, interest and desire required for involvement in community leadership roles.

Through discussion and interaction with established community leaders, as well as various experts, participants will have a unique opportunity to examine the social, political and economic factors affecting community life. This program holds unlimited potential for enhancing our community by preparing and motivating its participants.

We invite you to be a part of this unique educational opportunity.

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You may print and complete the online application or you may get a printed application from Citrus County's Chambers of Commerce.

The application must be typed or neatly printed. Complete each section fully and limit answers to the space available.